Speechless Horror

I've been reading Bessel Van Der Kolk's The Body Keeps The Score. It's a very informative read and I am slowly reading it to ensure I absorb all that I can. One section that has stuck with me is in regards to victims being able to speak about their trauma experiences. He mentions an area in our brain called Broca's area. Through the scans that he's done, he has found that the Broca's area went off-line when a flashback has been triggered within a victim. He even discusses how this physical lesion in the brain can look similar to a brain that has suffered a stroke. 

The most important part to this section discussed how traumatized people, even years later, have difficulty telling others what has happened.  "Their bodies re-experience terror, rage, and helplessness, as well as the impulse to fight or flee, but these feelings are almost impossible to articulate. Trauma by nature drives us to the edge of comprehension, cutting us off from language based on common experience for imaginable past." 

He continues on to say that it doesn't mean that people can't talk about their tragedy, but it makes it that much more difficult to organize their experience into an understandable and cohesive story. 

The work I am allowed and honored to complete with trauma victims is one of importance. It is not easy to hear the stories and struggles that my clients have dealt with. I will share more from this book as I move through it.