Lindsey is a licensed professional counselor located in downtown Knoxville. She is part of Axiom Associates, a group of independent licensed clinicians.            

Embarking on a journey to healing can be one of the most difficult choices you will ever make- that's why I believe that safety, humor, and education are essential to a healthy therapeutic relationship as this sets the tone for learning new ways to think about yourself, others, and the world. I enjoy working with adolescents and young women who have experienced trauma or generally have trouble coping with day to day life and activities.

Building a relationship with my client will always be the starting point in treatment. I believe that the relationship I have with my client is key to healing, not the interventions or specific treatments I may use.


Lindsey Kontovich, LPC-MHSP

108 W. Summit Hill Road

Knoxville, TN 37902

865-525-1099 x23


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