Yoga Teacher Training begins!

It’s 7am and I’m flustered. My mind is frazzled and all I can think about is the journey I’m about to begin at 9am. I’m about to begin a 5 month Yoga Teacher Training!

For the past several years, Yoga has become a vital part of my self care. Not just as a way to work out my body but also a way to settle my busy and anxious mind. In the last few years, I have been reading how effective yoga can be as an adjunct treatment for anxiety, depression, and trauma. As a mental health counselor, I knew that I wanted to be someone to share this knowledge and important work with others. My love for my yoga practice would be a way to help others heal and this was so exciting for me. 

While I love the work I do in my private office space, sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace and environment so incorporating yoga into my practice seems like a great way to expand my skills.   The craziest thing about this journey is that I have no idea how this will manifest in the coming months. I don’t have a planned space to teach yoga, I don’t have a particular class planned out, but I trust that along the way I will find the connections, the space, and the focus to figure all of this out! 

 I look forward to writing more about this in the coming weeks!  


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