How to be with Stressful Moments

Not all stress is bad, right? Yes, not all of it is bad. Culturally, we are told that stress is bad and we should avoid it all costs. Of course chronic stress is whole other issue but let's talk about daily minor stresses. We often want to turn away from this stress and feel more at ease. Maybe you take some deep breaths and distract yourself from the stressor or go into a mediation practice to focus on gratitude. While these acts are positive and well intentioned, what if you sat with the stress and listened for what it was saying to you? 

We can use stress to find our way back to the present moment - to simply Notice. Notice the change in your heart beat, the tension in your muscles, or the feelings in your tummy. Let the stress bring you back to your present internal experience. Practice shifting into that non judgmental awareness.

A great article from reminds us to Notice the state we are in (notice what are you are trying avoid), Shift by reminding yourself that "stress is not bad" and then Rewire by facing the stressors head on, by staying with whatever arises. 

The more that we turn away from stress and and avoid it, the more we lessen our ability to effectively navigate it. Practice makes perfect, right? Can you imagine a world in which you are good at managing your stress? It's possible. Just NOTICE, SHIFT, and REWIRE. (And don't forget to breath)