Yoga for...anything!


I have been using an amazing Yoga YouTube channel for several years now: Yoga With Adriene. Adriene's channel is full of free videos that target anxiety, loneliness, mood swings and even have videos specific to actors, runners, and swimmers. Her tone is supportive, silly, and honest. She makes me laugh but also inspires me to really find the mind-body connection. Her mantra throughout her videos is "Find What Feels Good." Her "classes" are not about perfection or toning or getting a six pack, but about just showing up to practice for yourself each day.

I completed a 31 day Yoga Revolution challenge back in January and found so much focus and peace not just with myself but within my therapy practice as well as my relationships. Yoga allowed me to slow down each during those 31 days to really focus in on my body and how it was feeling. I could reflect on the day as well and see how I was holding anxiety in my body or even pushing down stress and frustrations. 

Knoxville offers a variety of classes in town that can meet your needs but if you feel more comfortable showing up at home then I really hope you will check out Adriene's channel.

*Image retrieved from YouTube.